1956 Pontiac Safari 2-Door Station Wagon Hot Rod (3 of 9)

By | May 14, 2018

Some cool small dog breeds images:

1956 Pontiac Safari 2-Door Station Wagon Hot Rod (3 of 9)
small dog breeds
Image by myoldpostcards
Photographed at the 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour stopover in Springfield, Illinois on June 6, 2010.


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Pup portraits: Shadow
small dog breeds
Image by Nicole.Kelly
People United for Pets is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization specializing in small and toy breed dog rescue. We are located in Western Washington State.

Mission Statement
Countless dogs are without homes and in need of assistance. These are dogs who would make wonderful and faithful companions if only they could connect with the right person or family. We have made it our mission to help them do this. At the same time we hope to enrich the lives of those who adopt them.


The boyz.
small dog breeds
Image by This Year’s Love
Israel easily wins but Kailo doesn’t give up easily.
They aren’t at all threatened by the pink and purple-ness of the homemade tug toy.

It really galls me when I hear or read someone say "I’m not a fan of pit bulls. I’ve never met one in person but…"
But nothing, moron.
It’s unfortunate that dumbasses got their hands on this breed and started inbreeding, breeding in other types of dogs, to get the "short-n-wide" supposed "pit bulls" or the "monster" pit bulls that are so ugly and against the standard it makes me gag. Israel is on the cusp of being too big. Shifra is the perfect size for a female APBT and shows the musculature without the bulk. People always assume she’s "small" for a pit bull. She’s about forty pounds. That’s the upper weight for a female pit. Israel is at sixty pounds or so, the max for males.
He would have been a great fighting dog. Insecure, fearful, and will attack before being attacked based on anxiety. I train against that every day…the only reason he can play with a five or six pound dog like Kailo.
I have no problems playing tug with Israel. I trust him around food (including meat), toys, etc., more than I do any of the other dogs, including Judah. He has never, ever challenged me.
If you’ve never even met a pit bull in real life, don’t make retarded statements like "I don’t like pit bulls." You don’t need to even mention the breed if you’ve never met or owned one.

Meanwhile, I don’t like most small dogs. And I’ve met plenty of them to base that opinion off of. Wait, no. I don’t like most small dog OWNERS. Scratch that–I don’t like most owners of any dog. I’ve yet to meet anyone in person who can actually handle a dog. Kind of scary, don’t you think?

I’ve met plenty of ignorant, stupid people who blatantly say my dog looks evil, mean, scary…while Israel was doing nothing more than laying at my feet in the middle of the pet store while I conversed with an employee. Someone actually went out of their way to say "They do like mean…" thankfully the employee is totally in love with Israel (almost all pet store employees love him and the feeling is mutual) and defended him.
I need to learn to speak up. I usually ignore remarks and looks. How on earth is it bad that Israel has beautiful, piercing eyes that are always wide open?? That’s what people have a problem with. He shows almost no expression on his face and his tail almost never wags except for when I speak to him. He’s a dog you have to read through body language and energy, not supposed facial expressions or "personality" quirks. He is not a dog for the faint of heart. I know him backward and forward.

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