Before Irene 16 – A good friend!

By | July 11, 2018

Check out these little dog breeds images:

Before Irene 16 – A good friend!
little dog breeds
Image by malyousif
This was a very nice little dog doing what little dogs do best! I’m told by its owner that it’s a Coton de Tulear, a breed of dog not yet recognised by the Kenel Club of America. Nevertheless, I’m sure they both enjoy each other’s company. There are an awful lot of small dogs in NYC for some reason!

little dog breeds
Image by soldierant
These guys were shopping at the Timbuk2 outlet on Hayes Street in SF tonight. I told the couple with them that the dogs were beautiful (I do this alot – when I see a handsome dog, I can’t shut up about it.) The guy with the feet in the picture teased me and said that they were foxes that they’d trapped in Golden Gate Park. (Then he fessed up that they’re a chinese breed, the name of which escapes me.) I think they’re quite possibly the cutest little dogs I’ve ever seen.

Update: I think Allen nailed it — they sure do look like Shiba Inus.

little dog breeds
Image by Raintree75
I like this one. soft texture with good face detail. a little movement, but it adds to the softness.

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