Clumsy Puppy Steals Lettuce: Cute Puppy Potpie & Funny Dog Maymo

By | January 12, 2018

Clumsy Puppy Steals Lettuce: Cute Puppy Potpie & Funny Dog Maymo
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Watch clumsy puppy dog Potpie try to steal lettuce and fail! When a head of lettuce is left on the table, this cute beagle puppy tries his hardest at stealing the green leafy vegetable. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at nabbing the lettuce, Potpie enlists the help of his older brother, Maymo, who shows Potpie how its really done. Cutest Lettuce Thief Ever!
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20 thoughts on “Clumsy Puppy Steals Lettuce: Cute Puppy Potpie & Funny Dog Maymo

  1. Sarah Garcia

    Came across this video and man these are some beautiful dogs ..what breed is the dog??

  2. Allison M

    Pot pie has some big cabbage stealing shoes to fill. Good job showing Potpie how it’s done Maymo!

  3. Lou Navarro

    I keep reading 'lettuce' in the comments but does anybody realize it's actually cabbage?

  4. The Angry Blue Sheriff

    when you try your best but you don't succeed
    Until the end of the video

  5. Peter Rabitt

    I guess this is what happens when you rub bacon all over your lettuce.

  6. Barry A.

    I can't believe it……Vegan Beagles…..and they don't even have ranch dressing…… I need counseling now…..

  7. philip pratt

    These dogs look like lemon beagles.Β  And like beagles, their tales never stop wagging.

  8. First Last

    I didn't know that dogs like lettuce. That puppy was so determined. Hah-Hah.


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