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By | March 26, 2018

Some cool cute little dog images:

Little LION – Coco [Explored]
cute little dog
Image by Jitabebe

One of the cutest looking dogs around is the Lhasa Apso. This is my dog Coco and here is a little research into the history of this breed.

Historically, Lhasa Apsos were kept by the monasteries and nobility in Tibet as indoor watch dogs. They would sleep by their masters and with their high intelligence plus keen sense of hearing, would warn of any intruders. Lhasa Apsos were never bought or sold in Tibet. Instead, the Dalai Lama sent Lhasa Apsos in pairs to the emperors of China as gifts. High ranking visitors to Tibet also received them as gifts.

They are also referred to as the little bark sentinel lion dogs since fully grown Lhasa Apsos could resemble small lions with all their hair. Lhasa Apso dogs can also behave very much like lions exhibiting no fear when confronted by strangers or even larger dogs.
Despite its small size with adult females reaching 12 to 16 pounds and adult males ranging from 14 to 18 pounds, they are extremely hardy as well as rugged. Having existed in the extreme temperatures of Tibet for centuries, they are well suited for and actually enjoy romps in the snow. They are also long lived.
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“It’s the little things, like surprising Mom, by Benni Girl….”
cute little dog
Image by Bennilover
"Surprising Mom is one of my favorite little things – she thought I would look cute sitting in one of these chairs, at the chess-top table. So when she said, ‘up, Benni’, I jumped ALL the way up to the top of the table! Surprise!!!

Of course she laughed, she thinks I’m very funny and I did let her take my picture for the millionth time. You can see I chose not to look at her – the surprise was enough."

6/52 Benni’s Little Things

look what I brought you…
cute little dog
Image by angela7dreams
Two dogs meet, one big, one little… have the time of their lives!

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