Cool Cute Puppies images

By | January 13, 2018

Some cool cute puppies images:

Merry Christmas from Bella!
cute puppies
Image by s.yume
It’s the closest the hat would get to her head. It was on for a split second before she tore it off and had it infront of her eyes which really set her off. Oh well… our holiday photos are more unique than all the other "dog in a Santa hat" pictures :P!

Shepherd mix puppies
cute puppies
Image by bullcitydogs
There are 3 of these cute, 3-4 month old SHEPHERD MIX PUPPIES, 2 females & 1 male. They’re friendly, playful, and very trainable and attentive (so will be wonderful puppies to take to puppy class!)
Each of these little guys is looking for his/her very own family who’ll provide the love, attention and training all puppies need.

They live in Kennel P10.
For more information contact

cute puppies
Image by Tina_S_White

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