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By | April 13, 2018

Check out these cute small dog images:

handsome connor
cute small dog
Image by bullcitydogs
CONNOR is a cute, small-size Hound mix who’s 1 – 1 1/2 years old, affectionate, social, playful and very sweet! He likes to chase a ball and loves to play with toys, and with other dogs.
Connor is an all-around wonderful boy – he’s an APS GOLD STAR DOG!

Connor lives in Kennel 21.
For more information about Connor contact

Sampson king of the mountain
cute small dog
Image by nikoretro
Sampson has been our buddy since 2004. In the winter of 2008, he suffered a severe perineal hernia that required a 00 surgery to repair it. At the time of the surgery, we were told that due to the severity of the hernia that it was likely to reoccur. As predicted, it has reoccurred and he desperately needs more surgery. Other than the hernia, he is a happy, healthy and active dog who should live to his mid to late teens. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience end his life prematurely. I have also contacted a Corgi rescue in hopes that he could be adopted to a family that is more financially able to care for him. However, since my husband and I can’t have children, giving him up for adoption because of health issues seems as ridiculous to us as giving up our 9 year old child for adoption because we can’t keep up with the medical expenses. So please consider donating whatever small amount you can to help keep Sampson with the family that loves him. Sampson, his Corgi buddies Shiloh & Rusty and his human family thank you! Click on the link below to go to Sampson’s page to make your donation. THANK YOU!!…

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