Cool Cute Small Dog images

By | April 16, 2018

Check out these cute small dog images:

Mosaic Futab
cute small dog
Image by barriebarrie
Oddly the dogs don’t seem to know the cue come sit in front of me and stare at the soles of my shoes while I take a photo and were a little bewildered by my giving simple commands like "come" and "sit" while I was sitting on the stone wall around the patio so it took me a couple of tries to get the photo I was going for and I was treatless which explains Jellbyean’s inattention. One of my clients has this awesome yard and is kind enough to share it with me and all their dogs’ buddies for playdates. Friday is traditionally a you guys run around and amuse yourselves day.

Seriously. On Fridays I often sit on the wall and talk on the phone or txt or check my email or just enjoy watching the dogs play. The yard is almost a full acre and with the small exception of occasionally having to pull a dog out from under the shed (all the while mentally crossing my fingers and praying that whatever I have a hold of IS a dog and not whatever lives under there!) totally dog safe. When it is too hot to walk we play ball in the yard and are even supplied with a hose for the dogs to play in.

If I could just find two more clients with set ups half as great and who are even a quarter as nice I would be totally set.

Yeah, my job is pretty damn fun 🙂

small chihuahua walking on the beach
cute small dog
Image by Jose Angel Astor
small chihuahua walking on the beach

Rory and Moko
cute small dog
Image by Tjflex2
Our kids

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