Cool Cute Small Dog images

By | May 1, 2018

A few nice cute small dog images I found:

OMG! Puppy!!!
cute small dog
Image by mynameisharsha
This weekend was awesome, as I got to spend a couple of hours with this cute thing. Pure innocence. I fell in love with it.

Too bad we couldn’t adopt it. 🙁

cute small dog
Image by cuatrok77
There are very small resident populations of this species in north west Africa and Ethiopia, but the main breeding area of this species is from south east Europe across central Asia to Southeast Asia. These birds are mostly migratory, wintering in the Indian Subcontinent.

In purse
cute small dog
Image by chickenpants – absolutely small
Sammy! What is a Sammy, you ask? Not a bear, not a dog, not any creature you’ve yet seen. Sammy is Sammy, and each Sammy is unique and a wee bit different. No two Sammys are exactly alike. Sammy!
Read all about it at
absolutely small.

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