Cool Little Dog Breeds images

By | August 12, 2018

Some cool little dog breeds images:

little dog breeds
Image by Greg Gladman
Thomas Hawk has an interesting blog post, commenting on the recent NYT article on Flickr as a breeding ground for fine art photography. While Thomas’s post itself is interesting, I found this user comment from j03 amusing, listing the eight categories of photos which are perennial Explore material:

macro flowers, cute children, "gorgeous" sunsets, 22-year-old girls’ self-portraits, dogs in the grass, cats sniffing flowers, a solitary tree, and very little of visual interest to anybody who’s actually taken the time to study at photography as an art.

So, in the hopes of making it onto the Explore front page, I present this solitary tree. I know that to be a sure thing, I would have to have included a dog in the grass, but in the immortal words of Teddy Roosevelt, "ya does what ya can with what ya gots."’ Or maybe that was Popeye.

I do have a macro flower photo from the same day, but I think that would just be overkill.

(Hmm, a macro shot of a cat sniffing a flower, with cute children petting a dog in the grass nearby under a solitary tree at sunset…it just might work, if I can find a 22-year old girl to take it.)

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