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By | June 29, 2018

Check out these small dog breeds images:

Image from page 17 of “Outdoor opportunities; the raising care of small animals, birds and plants; a practical treatise on the raising and care of small animals, birds and plants for profit and pleasure” (1922)
small dog breeds
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Identifier: outdooropportuni00outd
Title: Outdoor opportunities; the raising care of small animals, birds and plants; a practical treatise on the raising and care of small animals, birds and plants for profit and pleasure
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: Outdoor enterprise publishing co., Kansas City, Mo. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Domestic animals. [from old catalog]
Publisher: Kansa City, Mo., Outdoor enterprise publishing co.
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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correctly. Hence the great demand for a workof this kind, a work beginning at the natural starting pointof the industry and continuing to its logical -end. In other words, to start with the housing of the stockand to continue the instruction to the sale of the hide of therabbit. Between the extreme.s of just a few for the table anda large rabbitry for commercial gain you may find yourplace and in this book find your complete instruction. Yoursuccess from here forward will depend on YOU. 10 OUTDOOR OPPORTUNITIES HOUSINGFor Fancy and Breeding Stock It would se-em to be obvious that the first thing to do onstarting into the rabbit business, either for pleasure or profit,would be to fix a place to put the rabbits. But it oftentimeshappens that Uncle John or Aunt Sarah gives Tommy a rab-bit or two and there is no place for the bunnies. What is the right course? Construction of House In the first place, the three main enemies of rabbits areDRAFT, DAMP and DOG-S. These we must guard against.

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β€”Courtesy of Charles Humfeld A MODEL RABBIT HUTCH To eliminate the drafts we will make the back and thetwo ends of our rabbit hou&e walls of good construction tokeep out wind. A cheap way to do this is to use a goodroofing, or to cover a board wall with building paper and thenshingle it. Preferably the rabbit hutches should open to the southor east and the other three sides be built solidly. Wherea stout fence or brick wall is available to build against,this is comparatively easy. THE RABBIT INDUSTRY 11 To keep out damp we will roof the building securely, aswell as the thre-e sides, leaving a space of not less than fourinches and preferably six inches, between the hutch wallsand the walls of our building clear around. For this reason,the movable or portable type hutches, built in groups or sec-tions. As a rule these are built in sections of six, three long andthree high, each hutch being 30×30 inches square on the floorand 18 inches high from floor to ceiling in each hutch.There

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PUP portraits: Keeper
small dog breeds
Image by Nicole.Kelly
People United for Pets is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization specializing in small and toy breed dog rescue. We are located in Western Washington State.

Mission Statement
Countless dogs are without homes and in need of assistance. These are dogs who would make wonderful and faithful companions if only they could connect with the right person or family. We have made it our mission to help them do this. At the same time we hope to enrich the lives of those who adopt them.

small dog breeds
Image by mgstanton
my grand-dog, visiting for the weekend from Vermont.

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