Creative Gel Cheat Sheet

By | January 25, 2018

Check out these cute little dog images:

Creative Gel Cheat Sheet
cute little dog
Image by udijw
This is just a little fun I had with the Rosco Strobist Gel Collection. I explored the various combination one can make using two gels. There will be a complete post on DIYP about this soon.

This card primary intention is to help visualize the creative potential of gelling an off camera flash, however, we’re gonna make it a giveaway too.
We will give two of those sweet kits: 1 to a Flickr user and one to a Twitter user.

To enter this giveaway from Flickr, make a note around your favorite doll and let us know what she is thinking.
Gain another entry by following @diyphotography and tweeting this.

Two SBs:
#1 @ 45/45 degrees camera right. gridded with a CPU cooling grid and gelled with alternating colors. triggered via GI trigger.
#2 on floor gridded with cooling grid and gelled with alternating colors. triggered via built in optical slave.

By all means, feel free to print this card, share it, use it in your work.

If the image looks funny, see it large.

Fine print: winners will be selected Friday. Winner will be selected randomly by ordering the tweets/notes and selecting a random number. I will contact Flickr winner by Flickr mail, twitter winner by a tweet. If not answered within two days. prize goes to next in line. I will mail those to anywhere that post office can mail (probably anywhere in the world). Shipping is "on me, duty (if any) is the responsibility of the winner.

Little dog, small bridge
cute little dog
Image by Autumnsonata
Very small yet well-maintained wooden bridge over the little stream known as Nant Howni. Not a well used path, but very attractive. In all the times I’ve walked it I have met only one person! (And their dog.)

Danny the cute little dog
cute little dog
Image by Dowbiggin

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