Cute little Dog Journey

By | January 15, 2018

Dogs Journey is a highly addictive arcade game.
Dog Journey is the most attractive game for kids .
Dogs Journey is special to me for it’s funny dog.I play it in my iphone 5.
This is the one kind of mind freshener game.It’s a really highly entertaining game.
I love this game so much.Game link (ios)
and (android)

Pretty aggressive little creature for a small pup like this. Enjoy!

24 thoughts on “Cute little Dog Journey

  1. Sylvia Cynthia

    Best game i have played until today. Also be passionate to you .

  2. MF Dev

    These dogs are such assholes. My neighbors pom used to growl/bark and bite like this until they beat it's ass with a shovel one day. That little fucker changed it's tune real quick with two broken legs and some missing teeth.

  3. emptyspotlight

    Dog: "for the last time I told you my name is not Gabe. Call me Gabe one more time I dare you…. I double dare you…"

  4. Alex Pazzo

    FUCKING DOG ! his crappy origins are German … so it's no wonder he's crazy like that!

  5. The Magic Bush

    wtf Who thinks small aggressive dogs are cute? I would like to kick that shit out if it started to do stuff like that

  6. TheSSSdriver

    Yes haha, a little piece of shit dog that isn't properly trained, oh how funny, haha……

  7. doubleg137

    I have a neighbor with a pomeranian. IT DOES NOT STOP BARKING AT ANY TIME. FOR ANYONE…. EVER…. AND THE GUY DOES NOTHING!!!!! Calling the police doesn't do anything. Talking to the guy doesn't do a damn thing since the barking doesn't bother him. It bothers me.. the neighbor on the other side.. the neighbor behind him… and the neighbors on the diagonal. It makes our lives a living hell.. I think it's about time for a d-con meatball.

  8. Lord Satsuma

    Pom is a mini wolf, all the aggression in a baby size. The high pitch bark gets annoying and ear piercing loud, but the funny and loving moments make for it, I guess.


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