20 thoughts on “Cute Puppies & Angry Kittens

  1. Mary Land

    HOLY CRAP !!
    I am so glad I didn't give birth to a litter.
    There was like 10 or 11 of them.
    Did you see there were extras in the background ??

  2. HobbsO

    Those cats arnt mean u just need 2 let them sleep instead of shoving a big screen in there faces

  3. Koala

    Although I did take in a feral and tamed her to be very calm and rarely scratch, you are right with the feral part.

  4. Koala

    What use is a cat? Umm.. Let's see here, they help against the odds of a heart stroke, make people happier, and help with deppression.

  5. Stephen Meek

    the cat was beig an asshole cuz you had it locked up watch cops or that jail show and see human biengs acting like that its funny

  6. lescwilson

    That is a very sweet dog. I hope you have her spayed now. Did you find good homes for all those puppies? That must have been a real task! Cats are even more difficult to find good homes for. Those cats are feral and too late to tame they're too old already!


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