EarthBound – Drugstore/Humoresque of a Little Dog (vocal)

By | February 6, 2018



Hello welcome come in come in come and take a look around
at all the stuff we’ve just got in for you to buy
we’ve got a bat, we’ve got a yo yo
we’ve got a lot of things that you’ll never really use like
a calorie stick, a can of juice, need a skip sandwich? well
let me tell you buddy we got you covered
just as long as you’ve got some cash, hey, you’ve got some cash with you… right?

see this fry pan, well you know it’s made of real teflon and
i guarantee that you won’t be let down by its performance
did i mention that we don’t do refunds? it’s just store policy please don’t hold it against me
if you take your teddy bear into battle I’m afraid that voids the warranty
so we can’t replace it, sorry
but feel free to buy another, just a hundred and seventy eight bucks

we even have a phone if you need to make a call
and a dog that sometimes talks but i wouldn’t worry too much
hey, what about this hat? don’t you really need a hat?
I think it looks good… no?

if you don’t need something we will gladly take it off your hands
we’ll buy and we’ll sell just about anything we can
of course we’ll buy it for less than its worth
you wouldn’t begrudge a business a humble profit, would you?
our selection is truly first class all the way, you can’t find quality like this anywhere
look at this charm, what does it do, who knows? maybe you should buy it and see
maybe you should buy it and see
just buy something will ya?

It’s amazing what you can come up with in an hour or two. 8D

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20 thoughts on “EarthBound – Drugstore/Humoresque of a Little Dog (vocal)

  1. Lithe

    Aw your voice is so cute! You make great comics, you can draw, and you can sing? You're like everything I want to be xD
    Keep up the good work Zarla!

  2. breloom657

    Here I am, nearly 9 years later, and I still LOVE this! Found it in my favorites playlist!

  3. Storm Lakitu

    I dont know what i should buy because heres too manny things laying around , i could spent my entire money on.
    I really dont know, i need an advice, maybe a Weapon, or a sneaky little Teddy Bear.
    Do i really need it, who cares, its MY money, i earned it by beating up Hippies all day.
    Live is simple, having a drug store near, just dont forget to bring cash, OK?

    Its a boring day at school and i sit in front of my old PC, doing my home work for tomorrow.
    The teacher is out, talking with colleagues, and i think i used my time for a little funny crime.
    The lesson starts and everyone walks up there PCs, just seeing a picture on there tiny screens.
    Our Teacher asks pretty loudly "Whos been drawing dicks?".

  4. Vanix96

    came in expecting to not like it very much. that was awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. ํ† ๋ผ๋’ท๋ฐœ

    holy, did u make the lyrics and sing it urself?
    omg, this is just amazing. just too IMPRESSIVE WOAH.
    it's gives me like this beatles feeling y'know? what was it…oh yes maxwell's silver hammer kinda feelin. but WOW.

  6. sidgar1

    This is one of the cutest, happiest tunes I've ever heard! Thanks for sharing!

  7. dannysomui

    I love how true to the game these lyrics are. I can just imagine them saying these things.


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