EarthBound/Mother 2 – Humoresque of a Little Dog Cover by Game & Sound

By | January 27, 2018

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Humoresque of a Little Dog, also known as “Buy something, will ya?” or simply as “The Drug Store theme”, is a tune which appears in all three games of the Mother series.

This tune clearly aims to represent the American culture as blatantly as possible, and it successfully manages to do so. In fact, this piece is one of the most recognizable themes in the Mother Series. In EarthBound, “Humoresque of a Little Dog” can be heard throughout drug stores all over the game world.

To further amplify the “american vibe” of this tune I chose to include in my cover two main styles: Ragtime and Country/Folk.

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40 thoughts on “EarthBound/Mother 2 – Humoresque of a Little Dog Cover by Game & Sound

  1. TheDiamondBladeHD 2.0

    Every Ness ever.

    pk fiya pk fiya pk fiya pk fiya pk fiya Backthrow

  2. SeeleSO02

    It's a shame that Ness didn't start eating Skip Sandwiches right as the music sped up.

  3. Brandon The Fan Guy

    There is not a single dislike .0.
    theres a good reason too

  4. Dream Whisper

    Play alpaca world also I love you and your videos keep doing what u do

  5. Lathan Davenport

    Wean you go back to jacks old videos and see how much he has changed in his videos

  6. oops an abortion

    Jack: Ill see you in the next episode!
    Me: all excited for the new series
    (no more of this)

  7. Night Fall

    Hmmm… Random bleeding, cuts appearing where they're not supposed to… Antisepticeye anyone?

  8. Evyn Fallon

    the art style reminds me of like a Tim Burton film, like Coraline or somthing


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