GOING HOME TO MY PUPPIES – how did they react?

By | December 30, 2017

In this vlog it is my last day in Phuket. I then fly home to Sydney and go to get my puppies, Luna and Murphy. We then open our Christmas presents. It was a very long 24 hours!
Don’t forget to watch my sister’s vlogs of our holiday on her channel, Ella Victoria.
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20 thoughts on “GOING HOME TO MY PUPPIES – how did they react?

  1. Maraki Tamrat

    You are an amazing vlogger and deserve so many more subscribers! I love you if you replied to this comment I would diee <3<3

  2. Akata Mapapalangi

    Hey Lilly I love your videos and to be honest u r in my top 3 favourite Ella is too, u guys I inspired me so much I love u guys and I live in Sydney in Australia and if u live there hope to see u around. Also where in Australia do u live in??

  3. _itsmepreamrose_ Paotung and mom_

    I’m thailand welcome to thailand i like to watch your channal

  4. Eve Rose

    Have you tried eating garlic cus that really helped me with my stomach issues

  5. H Baker

    Lily ur channel makes me so happy I love watching them and u r an inspiration I love u soooo ,much

  6. Meika_ 101

    A few months ago we went on a holiday to China and on the plane ride there, there was really bad turbulence and I was so scared I started crying a lot and my brother kept teasing me he's so annoying sometimes😵😵 x

  7. Danielle Youie

    Are you and Ella going to be doing a collab of what you got for christmas like you always do?

  8. Alyssa Monro

    hey Lil, I’m so happy you got back with ur puppies. I knew u would be fine , be proud of u xx


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