Honey357b (Part 3)

By | February 1, 2018

A few nice cute little dog images I found:

Honey357b (Part 3)
cute little dog
Image by Plbmak
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Also see here –
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I suddenly noticed the house was unusually quite the other day and couldn’t work out why. Dog free! So where was the little Mutt? I found her asleep in the sun on the daughters’ bed. In this image she’s just woken and realized she’s been busted, and then clearly thought, oh, it’s only you….Yes; I know the eye was the obvious choice for selective colour, but some things you have to do…

cute little dog
Image by Bill Gracey 17 Million Views
My cousin and his wife have a new Scottish Terrier puppy, and I got to check her out and take a few pictures this morning. A spirited and remarkably cute little thing. This was one of her few seconds of quiet contemplation. Most of the time she raced around like a balloon when you let all the air out at once. They’re going to have their hands full for a while. It was Laura’s inspired idea to take her picture in the middle of all the spring flowers.

cute little dog
Image by Verónica Bautista

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