By | January 30, 2018

Some cool cute little dog images:

cute little dog
Image by Plbmak
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The little Mutt At the window on lookout.

Cute little puplet
cute little dog
Image by julesjoseph

Cats on Apple Crates
cute little dog
Image by Chiot’s Run
Last Monday Mr Chiots and I stopped by a local orchard to buy some apples to make applesauce & apple butter. It’s a great little orchard that is as organic as you can get and still have apples. They use the bare minimum of treatments on their trees. They also try to keep their business small and do things the way they’ve always done it. It’s such a cute little place, when you drive up you’re greeted by 5 dogs that are very happy to see you.

All the apples are stacked under a huge tree beside their house. The owner explained to us that he could buy a second cooler, but then he’d have higher electric bills and then he would have to work more. So he just stores his apples outside and sells what he can before they all go bad.

They had cats patrolling the crates the crates for mice and I’m sure the dogs kept the deer, opossums and raccoons away.

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