Hope For Paws dog rescue mission in Costa Rica!!! Please share.

By | December 21, 2017


Please donate to Hope For Paws to help save dogs from homelessness and neglect.

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PLEASE SHARE: COSTA RICA RESCUES. We travelled over to see our friends at the Costa Rica dog rescue and helped rescue stray dogs around the city. We also encountered other beautiful animals along the way. Come experience the journey with us.

To learn more about Costa Rica Dog Rescue:

To adopt Tulip, Suzy, Gypsy and the others, please visit:

Please share and help us find their forever homes.


20 thoughts on “Hope For Paws dog rescue mission in Costa Rica!!! Please share.

  1. Skylar Star

    I really want to have a dog but we live in an apartment so we can't have dogs

  2. radhika razdan

    At 5:53 did you guys see that dog stand up on to legs it was soo cute and all of them not all but most were wondering what that thing was in the air when it was only a drone it is so cute their first reaction

  3. Lauren Wilson

    You guys should go to New Mexico there are so many dog new rocky point

  4. Sunshine Puppy

    Are started watching you on Wednesday when I saw your video rescuing puppies 18 ft ground


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