How to Bathe and Clean A Small Breed Dog! Small Dog Grooming Tips – Make Bath Time Easier!

By | January 29, 2018

How to Bathe and Clean A Small Breed Dog! Small Dog Grooming Tips – Make Bath Time Easier!

This Sunday Steven and Ellie are showing us how their bathing and cleaning routine so stay tuned if you want some small dog bathing and grooming tips! There are many options for where to bathe your dog – the kitchen sink, the shower, the bathtub, out in the yard in warm weather – whatever you have available will work. We recommend you bathe your dog (with normal skin) with dog or puppy shampoo once a month. Before washing your dog spend some time with them to make them relaxed. Start slowly applying the water but avoid putting any water on your dogs head – most dogs do not enjoy water being poured on to their head. After you washed your dog, rinse them quickly and make sure all the shampoo gets rinsed away. After washing allow your dog to shake as it is the most effective way for your dog to dry themselves. Once dry, brush through your dog to prevent any knots.

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14 thoughts on “How to Bathe and Clean A Small Breed Dog! Small Dog Grooming Tips – Make Bath Time Easier!

  1. Adriana Falshaw

    I have 1 boy chihuahua we clean him once 2 weeks and he is 2 🐶

  2. Lisa M

    my dog is called a Chiwenie (ch-i-wee-nee).he is a boy.he is black and small.And he hates bathes.I give him a bath about a month or two.I use a bath shampoo called Dawn Ultra.I clean him with a towel when he is done.After that I put a blanket on him and cuddle.I love my three dogs. Ricky is the one i just talked about.Mavis is a girl and she is our guard dog 🙂 .Finnaly,Riley he is a boy,he loves giving kisses and playing with Ricky.All of my dogs are small.

  3. Vanz Toñacao

    Aww cute dog plus thanks for clening tip ive been a big fan becuz you give tips for making dogs healthy

  4. Katherine Pérez

    Hi! My little Alanis is a yorkie. I give her a bath every 3 or 4 weeks. Not as easy as cleaning you chihuahua! 😂

  5. Interstellar Geek

    Thanks for the tips! I usually don't have to do much with brushing or drying since my dog is an American hairless terrier, but the cotton ball tip is a great idea!

  6. Mariposa Garden

    Hi! We have two dogs. The little one is a dachshund, terrier, Pomeranian mix. I have been washing once a week in the summer but can slow it down in the winter. Thanks for the cotton ball tip. I will use that!

  7. forgetful dreamer

    Our yorkie/chihuahua was terrified of the bath when we got him at a year and a half old. It took many months of feeding him hot dogs while washing him to convince him bathtime was okay. Today he loves being clean.


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