How to Crochet a Small Dog Sweater

By | January 3, 2018

How to Crochet a Small Dog Sweater

Hi everyone! Thank you for watching and joining me for another tutorial today! We are making a really cute and fashionable dog sweater that would be perfect for any season or weather! This sweater is fun to make all you will need is:

1. 1 skein color per color in a #4 worsted weight yarn
2. A H/8 5.0 MM crochet hook
3. Scissors
4. Yarn Needle to weave in the ends.


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20 thoughts on “How to Crochet a Small Dog Sweater

  1. Love2 Crochet

    Love this! Thank you so much for posting this free pattern and tutorial! It fits my mini Maltese perfectly. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. Thank you!

  2. hermionejane2004

    loved makeing this it was super easy for me to follow and it fit beautifully

  3. Michelle Reaves

    This has been a fun diy for a snow day! Will def be subscribing, super easy to follow instructions for a beginner! ❤😍😁🐶

  4. danceballetacro

    I'm making this for my neighbor's chihuahua. I made the extra small for my chihuahua and he loves it! I started making the medium sized one for my neighbor's but I think it was going to be too big so I pulled it and am now starting this one!

  5. Debbie Aubee

    That bright mix is perfect for pooling projects. Mine came out gorgeous.

  6. auraalicia ñañezarciniegas

    t felicito amigaes hermoso lo q hacen tus manos ,dios t bendiga .y gracias x enseñarnos a hacerlos ,un abrazo

  7. Irene W620

    Markie…we have a 10 pd chihuahua. ..would this sweater fit her?

  8. Dakota Getz

    Beautiful. I am going to make one for my dog. She loves clothes

  9. Nerry Jimenez

    Thank you, Markie! The sweater is so cute and the right size for my little doggie! You explain everything so nicely, just finished it! Blessings, Nerry Jimenez

  10. Mzdiana

    I'm currently working on this sweater for my Chihuahua, just have to do a little tweaking to get it to the right fit. I just kept trying it on my dog, he loves sweaters and jackets. This was an Easy pattern to follow along with clear and concise instructions that anyone. TFS LOVE 😍💖 it 🐕🐶

  11. Janie Riordan

    Markie, I cannot find the written pattern for this small dog sweater, thank you!

  12. Deborah Tobin

    Love your video, do have written instructions also for your dog sweaters and I like your choice of yarns, their my favorite also.

  13. mary baptista

    Plz report those neighbors asap , they need to pay the price of animal abuse

  14. Jorja Abbott

    I'm so pleased with every tutorial you make! Well done and thank you

  15. Chantal Phillips

    Great tutorial. What size needle should I use for a dog with 17 inch chest if I am using size 3 yarn light worsted yarn?


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