10 thoughts on “How to Train Dog Down Command Australian Cattle Dog

  1. SupraVenom

    That works fine, however but it takes longer then it should. treats are a reward, not food. And why are you training a cattle dog in a suburban area, cattle dogs are not comfy in suburban area, it is not in their nature. They need a job or they will get bored and turn nippy and chew on furniture. At 5 months old a cattle dog should be starting to get introduced into livestock pens and livestock.

  2. Rickey Sanchez

    Now these are training videos. Brutus my black pit bull puppy is doing great. Thanks

  3. Sue Hartley

    I am so stoked you have an ACD in training. As an Aussie, ACDs are the dogs i have always had, with other breeds over the years. Please if you can let people in the USA know how many of this fantastic breed are in animal shelters, because people buy them, with no conception of their needs. I am bias, but properly trained they are the best dogs…so focused on their humans so desiring of pleasing, so trainable, so smart. If you know the breed or if you use the services of a trainer like you, you can rescue an adult dog and get the best thing on four legs. I am watching his progress with interest. Thanks

  4. mr10man69

    Blue Heelers are Energetic, Protective, Brave, Cautious, Loyal, Obedient and will test the shit out of you. If you are weak, they will rule you and be a headache. If you follow Peter Caine's advice and techniques you will end up having the most loyal and rewarding lifelong companion and experience you could imagine.

  5. daylily seven

    Hanu rocks for his young age and the distractions! Nice, thank you.


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