Image from page 355 of “Kennel secrets : how to breed, exhibit, and mannage dogs” (1904)

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A few nice little dog breeds images I found:

Image from page 355 of “Kennel secrets : how to breed, exhibit, and mannage dogs” (1904)
little dog breeds
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Identifier: kennelsecretshow00perr
Title: Kennel secrets : how to breed, exhibit, and mannage dogs
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Authors: Perry, Joseph Franklin, 1846-
Subjects: Dogs Dogs — Diseases
Publisher: Boston : Little, Brown and Co.
Contributing Library: Webster Family Library of Veterinary Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Tufts University

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Text Appearing Before Image:
s mustbe kept from her and nourished artificially until the sodahas rendered the milk secretion alkaline or neutral ; in 28o KENNEL SECRETS. which condition it will no longer affect the color of thispaper. If the bicarbonate of soda is faithfully given the motherfor a week there will be but little danger of her milk againbecoming excessively acid; but still it will be best to con-tinue to use means of prevention, and lime-water is theantacid to be relied upon after the first week. This shouldbe added to milk in the proportion of one teacupful toevery pint; and of the mixture she should be encouragedto drink freely several times daily. But in event sherefuses it, it may be accepted that she tastes the lime-water and the proportion of the same must be lessened. The means of anticipating excessive acidity has been ad-vised in chapter Before Whelping, and that — the pre-cipitated phosphate of lime — should be given daily toevery expectant mother that has ever experienced thisaccident.

Text Appearing After Image:
CHAPTER VI. EARLIEST PUPPYHOOD. The first six weeks is practically a puppys infancy, andduring this, as in infancy proper, the mortality is fargreater than in any other period of life, for the reasonthat the resistant powers are then very feeble and inconseqence the system is easily deranged and diseased.Considering which, notwithstanding the general rules ofmanagement have been discussed at length in the pre-ceding chapters, the special requirements during earliestpuppyhood will bear further emphasis, and even repetitioncan properly be indulged in if necessary to give dueprominence to the important essentials. The first fact to be enlarged upon is, that except inhot weather all very young puppies must have artificialwarmth, not alone because they are poorly able to resistthe depressing and destructive influences of cold, butbecause they are in imperative need of that extraordinaryvivifying effect of warmth which reaches to all parts ofthe body and excites stronger and healthier actio

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B.J. the Italian Greyhound
little dog breeds
Image by pmarkham
Little B.J. is the dog that belongs to my in-laws. She is an Italian Greyhound, which is a miniature breed.

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