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A few nice little dog breeds images I found:

little dog breeds
Image by Joan – BlogBizBuzz
28th October 2000 to 17th May 2010
Bull Mastiff new grew to the size of most this breed, however made up for size with attitude! Loving little girl with front paws of a ballerina, very protective of the family and put Gizmo and later Harley in their place when they overstepped the boundaries.

As a puppy she had a malignant cancer growth removed at 8 months of age, reminder to always be on the look out for cancer in dogs!

Black-footed Ferret peeks out from a Prairie Dog burrow
little dog breeds
Image by TonysTakes
Capturing pictures of an endangered species is exciting. Capturing images of one very rarely seen and once considered extinct is nothing short of thrilling. The Black-footed Ferret is a rarity on the Great Plains and the only ferret native to North America. Once numerous, the small animals were harvested for the fur trade. That, coupled with a loss of habitat and disease, resulted in a declining population and it was eventually declared extinct in 1979. Two years later, a small population of the animal was discovered on a private ranch in Wyoming and a captive breeding program was launched. Since then, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been gradually releasing the Black-footed Ferret in eight states in what was once its native region. It was introduced to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge near Denver, Colorado in October 2015 and by all accounts, the program has been successful. Since then I have tried and tried to spot one of the nocturnal creatures and had no luck but Sunday that changed. A photographer friend of mine spotted one and this little one delighted us for more than three hours. It spent more than an hour staking out a Prairie Dog burrow hoping for a meal then began to move around, checking other burrows. Eventually it worked its way to a spot only 25 feet away. I snapped hundreds of pictures of it and have to say it was one of the most special wildlife encounters I have ever had.

Measure Little Molly
little dog breeds
Image by 3cinevoli

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