Nice Cute Little Dog photos

By | June 16, 2018

A few nice cute little dog images I found:

cute little dog
Image by bullcitydogs
ALASKA is a very cute Husky/Beagle mix puppy who’s 3-4 months old. She’s playful, friendly little girl who has lots of puppy energy – she loves to chase a ball and play with her toys, and seems to like other dogs.
Alaska will blossom in a home where she’ll have lots of love and attention, and get to go to puppy class 🙂

cute little dog
Image by marymactavish
DJ’s been polite to Hope and even played a little, but mostly doesn’t want the whippersnapper chewing on her aging ankles. Zoe’s been jealous and guarded, but not aggressive. When I put Hope up on the shelf for some sunbeam time today, and the big girls jumped up with her, I expected to have to stand by for some mediation, but Zoe stunned me by dropping her toy between Hope’s front legs, then lying peacefully beside her. I still stayed near — Hope needed to be reminded that she’d been growled at for pounce-biting DJ’s tail, and Zoe’s still got what one might call "immature" patience … but it was really lovely. And cute.

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