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By | July 8, 2018

Some cool cute little dog images:

Happy Tails: King Louis, XIV
cute little dog
Image by LollypopFarm

We have officially been honored to have King Louis, XIV, aka The Sun King, aka Rapscallion (FKA "Rocco") share our home for the past month and thought we would send in an update.

King Louis’ story, like so many at Lollypop Farm was heart wrenching. Needless to say, we had a few health scares upon his initial few days here with us. However, true to his surviving character, this little monkey has completely healed and made a full recovery. He is now living in the lap of luxury, sailing on Canandaigua Lake, frolicking in the backyard at his leisure, going on fun neighborhood walks, and sleeping on the finest beds (we are trying to convince him they are imported sheets of Egyptian cotton).

He is simply awesome. He loves to chase in circles with Lily and Fleetwood in the backyard, and helps bathe our Dane, Sadie (ie sticking his entire face into her ears and licking in her mouth). He loves to snuggle and cause as much trouble as possible. He is constantly guilty of being too cute and thankfully, Ken is a better disciplinarian than I am when he feels the need to go dumpster diving or dig holes in the yard.

As always, we are thankful to Lollypop Farm for advocating and helping pets like Louis find their forever home. Both Fleetwood and Louis have adjusted quickly and have proved to be such wonderful additions to our family. I would encourage anyone that is looking to add a pet to their home to truly consider adopting. In our home of four dogs, of all sizes (Great Dane, Whippet-Weimaraner, Boston Terrier & Chihuahua-Papillion Mix) three are rescued and we couldn’t be bigger supporters to Lollypop Farm and other rescue groups that give the voice to animals that need advocates.

Thank you!
The Senter Family:
Ken, Jen, Sadie, Lily, Fleetwood & King Louis, XIV

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