Nice Cute Small Dog photos

By | May 22, 2018

A few nice cute small dog images I found:

Another eating prairie dog
cute small dog
Image by Tambako the Jaguar
Quite close picture of this guy!

Charlie- Empire Carpet
cute small dog
Image by ashley.adcox
I have no idea why he loves this commercial, but ever since he was a little puppy he’s always dropped what he’s doing to watch it. It’s pretty hilarious. It *never* fails!

It’s only this commercial, and only this part of the commercial. It’s not as if he responds to other commercial jingles, which is part of what makes this so funny- it’s so…random! He used to watch TV a lot, now he ignores it for the most part…except when the Empire commercial comes on 🙂

Just one of Charlie’s many quirks :-p

and no- we dont ‘crowd’ his crate. It mainly looks weird because we have 2 small blankets in there and he’s moved them around, so it looks really crowded- he’s also pulled a few toys down from the top of his crate haha.

Yea…try and tell me he’s not adorable 😀

He’ll be 6 months old in a few days *sniffs* he’s grown up SO fast! 19.3lbs- he was only supposed to get between 15-20 since his parents were small…yea…we’ll see about that lol.

…I can’t believe I just uploaded a video to Flickr. I feel dirty now haha! I apologize- I don’t like videos on flickr either….but this was cute :-p

cute small dog
Image by cuatrok77
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