Nice Cute Small Dog photos

By | June 11, 2018

A few nice cute small dog images I found:

cute small dog
Image by Katie@!
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This ‘piece’ was submitted for peer review:

"I like the different layers of the sheep. Didi you draw the dog or what? I like how there is suck a great contrast. "

"I had to look at your project a few times to really feel like I ‘got’ it. The layering effects are done well, but the contrast between the sheep and the dog is a bit too much for me, the sheep just seems really out of place. It’s a great use of color manipulating the sheep the way you did though."

"I really really like this composition. It’s simple, but very well balanced. You must have a good artistic eye. I love the colors, the texture in the back, the ink blots and how they seem to exist in the same world as the dog. Overall just a well designed piece that shows how simple something can be and still be affective. The only place that draws my eyes away is the "nose" up top center (not sure what it really is, but looks like nostrils). I think it is the exact centered-ness that makes it feel out of place as all other aspects are more organically placed. Small detail, but something to consider. Overall. Awesome. I would hang this in my kitchen."

cute small dog
Image by nikoretro
Sampson has been our buddy since 2004. In the winter of 2008, he suffered a severe perineal hernia that required a 00 surgery to repair it. At the time of the surgery, we were told that due to the severity of the hernia that it was likely to reoccur. As predicted, it has reoccurred and he desperately needs more surgery before 2012. Other than the hernia, he is a happy, healthy and active dog who should live to his mid to late teens. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience end his life prematurely. I have also contacted a Corgi rescue in hopes that he could be adopted to a family that is more financially able to care for him. However, since my husband and I can’t have children, giving him up for adoption because of health issues seems as ridiculous to us as giving up our 9 year old child for adoption because we can’t keep up with the medical expenses. We work in the service industry, living paycheck to paycheck and our credit is not good enough to get a care credit card that would allow us to make payments. To help us pay for Sampson’s surgery, we have set up a ChipIn donation site to raise funds for Sampson’s surgery. So please consider donating whatever small amount you can to help keep Sampson with the family that loves him. If you can’t make a donation, please pass this info along to friends who may be able to help. Sampson, his Corgi buddies Shiloh & Rusty and his human family thank you! Click on the link below to go to Sampson’s page to make your donation. THANK YOU!!…

11.11.11 Update: A big thank you to all you wonderful flickr friends! We’ve received several generous donations from flickr members pushing us over the 13% mark of our goal. Since I’ve been promoting Sampson’s photos, I’ve found several of them used on websites & blogs. I hold a creative commons license because I’m not a professional photographer and if people like my photos and want to use them, I don’t want them to be limited by an exorbitant fee. However, I have a pup in trouble and he needs your help, so, if you like my Corgi photos or save them as favorites, please donate ; if you use any of my Corgi or animal photos on your website or blog, please donate to:…
It’s a small price to pay compared to a pro’s fee, and it helps a much loved dog in need. Again, we appreciate all efforts & donations, and Sampson & the Corgi Clan thank you!

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cute small dog
Image by nikoretro

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