Nice Little Dog Breeds photos

By | June 25, 2018

Some cool little dog breeds images:

Image from page 189 of “Breeding, training, management, diseases & c. of dogs:” (1877)
little dog breeds
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: breedingtraining00butl
Title: Breeding, training, management, diseases & c. of dogs:
Year: 1877 (1870s)
Authors: Butler, Francis, 1810-1874. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Dog. [from old catalog]
Publisher: Brooklyn, D. S. Holmes
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
Its effects nevertheless may in mostcases be greatly mitigated by constant attentionto the health of our charge, forbidding theleast indisposition to pass nnnoticed, and hy]-esorting (as occasion may require) cither togentle aperients, wholesome astringents, ormoderate abstinence. I am averse to adminis-tering Calomel to dogs. It is decidedly dan-gerous, and thousands of poor animals havebeen sacrificed by it: it can only be given withcom])arative snfety, where the aiiimal would besubjected to no kind of atmospheric change,and tliis would be very diCicnlt to avoid, as liiscoat cannot be conveniently thickened to suitthe weather. When a whitish mucus fluid runs from thenose, it is almost invariably a sign of distem-per. This may be generally considered a fa-vorable symptom, and far more favorable, thana dry hot nose, emitting little or no moisture ;in Avhich case I have often found the diseasesettled on parts more vital and more difficultof relief. I beo- of vou not to consider Distem

Text Appearing After Image:
ENGLISH TERRIEB, (Black & Tan.i ENGLISH TERRIER, (Black & Tan). Of varied color, fashion black and tan,la England, (say they,) this famed race began ,Re.l, white, and yellow haVd been highly prized,Thodgh snndry ti>its, by man are ofV devised.Well shaped his form, with Grcyhound-tapcr ing head,Leg, breast and jowl, well flushed with tannish red ;His body black, with coat, high glossed and fine.Varying in weight, from twenty pounds, to nine.If ought of white his feet or breast disgrace,Too light a red or brindle there we trace ;Ioo clumsy limb, too coarse his tail or coat,Doubtful his Sire ; his purity remote.Staunch and courageaus, daring in his ways,Quick as a {]a<h. the noisome rat he slays ;His stern endurance oft has proved him fitTo slaughter hundreds in the gaming pit.Of late contrivance, springs a dwarfish race,Fitted alone the drawing room to grace ;Of tender growih, yet cleg<nt in limb.Active and spriglitly, vigilant and trim,Watchful alarmist, docile, apt an

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Ringo – OC&E State Trail
little dog breeds
Image by ex_magician
Trail Running – mile marker 11.5

Zoe and DJ running at Fairmont Ridge
little dog breeds
Image by marymactavish
March 1, 2007

After DJ’s knee surgery, her recovery was essentially twice as fast, at every step, as the vet expected — running carefully by August instead of October, able to return to the dog park by October instead of "springtime." But once we started coming up to Fairmont Ridge again, she seemed a bit unstable, sometimes just stepping wrong, whimpering, then limping, or being fine at the park, but limping or not using her leg after a few hours of sleep, when it would stiffen up.

We were concerned that once a week at the offleash park was too much, and asked the vet for advice. He checked her out, and said that more park (with, if necessary, shorter visits) was better than less park, so we ramped up our frequency.

Now, depending on weather, we’re up here two to four times a week, usually four, and she is as solid as a rock. She doesn’t stumble, she doesn’t limp afterward. We have Rimadyl for possible "bad days," but it’s been at least a couple of weeks since she had one, and then, she didn’t really need it very badly, just limped a little after a particularly active day.

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