Nice Puppies photos

By | April 28, 2018

A few nice puppies images I found:

Golden Retriever Puppies
Image by Uwe Maeurer
Born 2013/01/15

Image by bullcitydogs
COSMO & DONOVAN are adorable twin brothers, 4 month old Lab/Shep mixes (Donovan is the puppy pictured). Both these puppies are friendly, playful and eager to please, and though they can be a little unsure of themselves at first, their attentiveness and LOVE of food treats should make them wonderful puppies to train.
Though Cosmo and Donovan love each other, they will do best in separate adoptive homes so they can have the individual attention and training all puppies need.

Image by bullcitydogs
This cuddly puppy is MAURICE, a 2-3 month old Lab/Collie mix who’s gentle, friendly and all-around adorable. He loves attention and handling, likes food treats, end enjoys playing with his toys.
Maurice is looking for a loving home with a family who’ll give him lots of attention and take him to puppy class.

Maurice lives in Kennel 6.
For more information about Maurice contact

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