Nice Small Dog Breeds photos

By | August 11, 2018

A few nice small dog breeds images I found:

Christmas Decorating By Dog
small dog breeds
Image by Bettie Page Styled
We worked all morning on this, where were YOU?

small dog breeds
Image by maddisonfineart
Cotton grass on Killhope Law, Allenheads.

I can see the top of Killhope from my garden in Allenheads – it is about a three mile walk to the top. I could see a white band that looked like snow just below the summit. I guessed it would be cotton grass and decided to walk up to have a look close up, with my wife and trail hound.

On the way up we saw ducks,curlews, lap wings, golden plovers, sky larks and even a merlin. When my dog got too close to curlews and plovers breeding grounds she was dive bombed by the birds.

When we arrived at the top the cotton grass was incredible. There is always some cotton grass on the summit of Killhope at this time of year, but there seems that there has been more than ever over the past few years.This may be because since the foot and mouth outbreak there are less sheep grazing on the fells.

I took my small point and shoot camera, and haven’t spent a lot of time editing these shots. Lens flair etc. need improving but the pictures give an idea of the incredible scene on Killhopes summit

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