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By | January 6, 2018

A few nice small dog breeds images I found:

Image from page 71 of “The new book of the dog : a comprehensive natural history of British dogs and their foreign relatives, with chapters on law, breeding, kennel management, and veterinary treatment” (1911)
small dog breeds
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: newbookofdogcomp01leig
Title: The new book of the dog : a comprehensive natural history of British dogs and their foreign relatives, with chapters on law, breeding, kennel management, and veterinary treatment
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Leighton, Robert, 1859-1934
Subjects: Dogs
Publisher: London New York : Cassell
Contributing Library: Webster Family Library of Veterinary Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Tufts University

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Text Appearing Before Image:
t, and be well let down between the forelegs.It should be large in diameter, and roundbehind the forelegs, neither flat-sided norsinking, which it will not do providedthat the first and succeeding ribs are wellrounded. The belly should be well tuckedup and not pendulous, a small narrowwaist being greatly admired. The desiredobject in body formation is to obtain greatgirth at the brisket, and the smallestpossible around the waist, that is, theloins should be arched very high, when thedog is said to have a good cut-up. The back should be short and strong,very broad at the shoulder and com-paratively narrow at the loins. The backshould rise behind the shoulders in a grace-ful curve to the loins, the top of whichshould be higher than the top of theshoulders, thence curving again more sud-denly to the tail, forming an arch knownas the roach back, which is essentiallya characteristic of the breed, though, un-fortunately, many leading prize-winners ofthe present day are entirely deficient in

Text Appearing After Image:
MR. L. CRABTREES CH. BOOMERANG (BORN 1893) BY KING ORRY MILDURA. Photograph by Hedges, Lytham. this respect. Some dogs dip very con-siderably some distance behind the shouldersbefore the upward curve of the spine begins,and these are known as swamp-backed ; THE BULLDOG. 47 others rise in an almost straight line tothe root of the tail, and are known as stern-high. The tail should be set on low, jut outrather straight, then turn downwards, theend pointing horizontally. It should bequite round in its whole length, smoothand devoid of fringe or coarse hair. Itshould be moderate in length, rather shortthan long, thick at the root, and taperquickly to a line point. It should havea downward carriage, and the dog shouldnot be able to raise it above the level of thebackbone. The tail should not curve atthe end, otherwise it is known as ring-tailed. The ideal length of tail is aboutsix inches. Many fanciers demand a screw or kinked tail, that is, one having con-genital dislocations at the joint

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1966 Pontiac GTO Hardtop (3 of 7)
small dog breeds
Image by myoldpostcards
Photographed at the Sixth Annual Cantrall Car Show in Cantrall, Illinois on July 10, 2011. The show is a fund-raising event for the Cantrall United Methodist Church Men’s Club and is held in cooperation with the Cool Cruisers Car Club in Springfield, Illinois.


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