Pup portraits: Duffy

By | December 25, 2017

A few nice small dog breeds images I found:

Pup portraits: Duffy
small dog breeds
Image by Nicole.Kelly
People United for Pets is an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization specializing in small and toy breed dog rescue. We are located in Western Washington State.

Mission Statement
Countless dogs are without homes and in need of assistance. These are dogs who would make wonderful and faithful companions if only they could connect with the right person or family. We have made it our mission to help them do this. At the same time we hope to enrich the lives of those who adopt them.


small dog breeds
Image by cuatrok77
There are very small resident populations of this species in north west Africa and Ethiopia, but the main breeding area of this species is from south east Europe across central Asia to Southeast Asia. These birds are mostly migratory, wintering in the Indian Subcontinent.

Dog hairstyle
small dog breeds
Image by SFB579 Namaste
Good advert for shampoo those curly locks of hair.

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