Service Dog!

By | July 25, 2018

Check out these cute little dog images:

Service Dog!
cute little dog
Image by Lachlan Hardy
There was a cute little service poodle on my flight!

Not yet named
cute little dog
Image by n0nick
And what do I see when I arrive home after two weeks of military? a dog!
Dad found her last week wandering in the street near his office, so he picked her up into his car and brought her home.

She’s so little and cute!
And doesn’t have a name yet. My lil’ sister wants to call her "Lady". I don’t like it.

Ellie Mae Down Low
cute little dog
Image by John_X
Ellie Mae.

The night before we met, I prayed out loud for something really positive to happen in my life. There had been too much pain and loss. The next day, I was sitting in the patio (of the Cat & Fiddle Pub/Restaurant in Hollywood, CA) having lunch, when this very, very cute (not just a little bit cute) puppydog walked through the patio and straight into the restaurant. Five minutes later, a busboy came out and only asked me (it was crowded) if I would please come get my dog out of the restaurant. I told him I didn’t have a dog. Two minutes later, a gorgeous brunette came up to me and said "Your dog is so cute!". I said "Yes, she sure is, but I had better go have a word with her."

As soon as I looked into Ellie Mae’s eyes, I melted.

The rest is history. Clearly, we were meant to be together.

Since that day, she has brought nothing but silliness and joy into my life and I can’t imagine living without her.

Apparently, one CAN find true love in a bar!

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