By | May 12, 2018

Some cool puppies images:

Image by bullcitydogs
This cutie is SHASTA, an adorable, 4 month old Hound/Pit mix puppy who’s friendly, playful and lots of fun! She loves to chase a ball and play with her toys, is very enthusiastic about food treats (she’ll be lots of fun to take to puppy class!), and enjoys playing with other puppies.
Shasta will be a fabulous family pet!

Shasta lives in Kennel 13.
For more information about Shasta contact

Image by basykes
…she seems to be giving me the evil eye.

Farm puppy
Image by yooperann
He’s happy to see you, which is why you’ll often see him at this angle. Shady Grove Farm, Gwinn. His name is Aiko.

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