Small Dog Agility – 2013 Purina® Incredible Dog Challenge® Las Vegas

By | January 1, 2018

Corgis, terriers, shelties, and more race through the agility course at the 2013 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals in Las Vegas, NV.

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20 thoughts on “Small Dog Agility – 2013 Purina® Incredible Dog Challenge® Las Vegas

  1. Maddie Eldridge

    If I sent my dog on that corse she would look at me like I was and idiot 😂

  2. Garbage Human

    wow this is a joke.
    If agility is not done with say, a border collie or aussie it is just pathetic.

  3. BunnyGods AJ

    How do you teach your chihuahua this? Anyone know any places in the UK, or do I need to order some equipment?

  4. Emerson Case

    Also that corgi mix looks kinda skinny, you can see his ribs

  5. The Prancing Pony

    That chihuahua in the beginning is too small! It's too cute! 😍😍😍

  6. Sam Winchester

    Como faço para me escrever numa competição dessas pode ser pra cachorro mestiço ou so cachorro de raça pura?

  7. marley

    How simply adorable!!! I'd love to do this with a dog of my own!!

  8. Hannah Absenger

    I love the Chihuahua… I own one and do agility too….

  9. Rosana Ng

    Awesome work dogs! You were very fast! Your a star and if you were in a race with me you dogs would win!! They will have a good night sleep.

  10. Mark Thomas

    So, what do these dogs do when they are not doing agility? Tear up the whole house? I love the concept, but prefer a well rounded dog, as opposed to using them for competition and entertainment. Just my opinion. The dogs in this particular agility competition, and others I have seen seem so possessive to their owners like "let me run this course or else!" The border collie, who happened to have the best run in this video, was by far the most well-behaved.

  11. grytlappar

    That last dog was hauling ass! I Haha. love the small dog agility… The hurdles for that first dog, the chihuaha? Adorable.


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