Small dog in love with a tiger! THE CUTEST!!!

By | January 9, 2018

Small dog in love with a tiger! THE CUTEST!!!

little routine every morning to say hi 🙂
this little dog really love his tiger friend
animals are better than humans
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Welcome back to another video, Today I have an adorable Extra Small Sweater for your beloved furbabies whether they are Adult Dogs, Cats or Puppies or Kittens this will fit them if they have the following measurements:

Neck: 7″ (but will stretch to at least 8-9″)
Girth: 11″
Length: 9″ long (This can be adjusted longer or shorter)

The colors and materials you will need are:
*1 Skein of #4 Worsted Weight Yarn of the color(s) you want, but this really takes hardly up any yarn
*G/6 4.25 Crochet Hook
*Scissor/ & Yarn Needle


This is a very easy and fun project, I hope that it is easy and your pet loves it. You can always share your finished work to my email:, I am always so excited and happy to see your Finished Work from my tutorials!

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40 thoughts on “Small dog in love with a tiger! THE CUTEST!!!

  1. imsouthy

    It's so cute when someone pulls the claws and teeth out of a tiger so they can keep it as a pet. Heart eyes

  2. Adam Fitzpatrick

    So, not only do you have a tiger in your house, but you let your dog play with it as well? Isn't that a bit dangerous?

  3. Trynnun02

    Beagles and related breeds are submissive to the dominant alpha in an almost Stockholm syndrome like way. This video serves as a pure example of the dog just wanting to live through submissive behavior through survival instinct as ithe so desperately shows affection in the hopes that the tiger will not harm it. We see all domesticated dogs act like this when we catch them having done something very bad such as after we come home to find the garbage can spilled over and spread all over the kitchen. They will cower in fear but some will try and wag their tails and show extreme affection when faced with how angry they see we may be with them.
    This dog, should not be with this tiger. The tiger hurts the dog even after the dog's attempts of affection. There is clearly a history of exposure and familiarity with this tiger, and that dog is mentally suffering immensely because of this.

  4. Patrick Laney

    I don't get how you can own a tiger man. That thing can literally kill you anytime it wants to. But oh well it's your life not mine. Goodluck.

  5. Vikrant Verma

    that dog just won't quit… he made the lazy tiger move…

  6. Rahul vinal Narayan

    i dont blame the dog. if i see a tiger cub i will surely cover him with kisses

  7. Cuck on Standby

    Someday that tiger will eat that little rat. And the world will be a better place because of it.

  8. Online Entertainment

    omg now this is called a cutest thing btw poor tiger trying to calm down a dog saying enough baby enough now just calm down and stop licking my face but dog continues 😂

  9. aTexanGurl

    Thank you so much for this video! Where you have the solid color I made mine with Hunter orange and the body with camo 💛 made it for my friends yorkie and he was super cute in it! Thank you again for the video!

  10. Lynn Engelhardt

    I finally found a good pattern with yours! thank you ! but i need to know: i did not
    realize when you started it was the neck 1st. its too big for my chihuahua. can I just make a chain and measure it around her neck and use that many chains and keep following from there?

  11. dodgersmom1 mom

    Thank you so much for posting this pattern, I made this and it turned out really good. I have watched some other videos and had a hard time following them but I didn't have any trouble following you. Thanks again.

  12. cindy campbell

    Awesome video. !! It Very easy to keep up with watching Tyvm !!

  13. Leslie Ordoyne

    Thanks for the tutorial, I am making a few for my grandog. They are are coming out great .

  14. Aleida Rodriguez

    Thank you Markie very helpful video, I really enjoy it following your instructions step by step. Keep the good work 😍

  15. Bernice Marshall

    Hi. I made ur XS sweaters and luved it but do u have a pattern or a video on how 2 make a sweater 4 a Yorkshire tht weighs around 8lbs. Thanx

  16. Lynette Brown

    I made the x-small for my dog, in pink and verigated pink. Thank for the video.

  17. Татьянадж Фролова

    Спасибо, я не знаю английский язык в совершенстве, но даже мне из России всё понятно!

  18. Morpheus Art Studio

    Thanks a lot. I like that you posted the size in the comments. 👍

  19. DJ Hixson

    Good instructions but it looks too large for xs dog. How do I adjust the size other than the hook size, like less chains?

  20. Kristie Starks

    Amazing tutorial! I can't wait to get started making this for my chihuahua, thank you so much! 😊

  21. T McDonald

    you mentioned that the Boye hooks don't catch the yarn very well.. i watched an instructor on another tutorial and she mentioned she is very impressed with the Susan Bates hooks because it seems to have a deeper groove under the hook to catch the yarn.. just thought i'd mention it 😀 thanks.. love your videos


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