Snow Play

By | July 6, 2018

Some cool cute little dog images:

Snow Play
cute little dog
Image by Stephen J Kennedy
Wimbledon Common was a picture, winter covering it in a blanket of snow. There were many people walking their dogs, and this little fella made a bee-line for the camera when I started taking his picture.

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cute little dog
Image by bullcitydogs
ELMER is a cute 1 – 1 1/2 year old Beagle who’s gentle, friendly, and a little shy and sensitive. He enjoys kind handling and attention, and is very interested in food treats which will be a big help with training and confidence-building. He seems to like other dogs.
Elmer is looking for a Beagle-loving family to call his own.

Elmer lives in Kennel 23.
For more information about Elmer, contact

crumpet butt
cute little dog
Image by Sappymoosetree
Crumpets furry little butt ( was the mane of the lion toy)- Crumpet was made from 5 99 cent store toys. A Lamb, dog, lion sheep and elephant!

Best Creepy Yet Still Cute – Softie Awards

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