The Lazy Dog

By | December 30, 2017

Check out these cute little dog images:

The Lazy Dog
cute little dog
Image by A&A Photography Services
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Hope you guys enjoy the picture of this cute dog being lazy on a cold winter day!

I’m still very impressed with how the aw110 handles iso as well as metering. It does focus search alot, it was hard to lock the foucs on this but I find it almost a challenge its so easy to get the picture you want on a dslr with a 1.8 aperture, manual focus or 51 focus points and 6400+iso and a sb-910 to fill flash if needed, but having this little camera really makes you push your creativity and knowledge of how to work a camera especially with no manual mode, you really need to work around the camera, to make it get what you want it to do.

Feeling blue? This cute pup & #colorcombo will cheer you up! We will be featuring a weekly #palette for your design inspiration! (or maybe this inspires you to adopt a pup 😉 This little beach dog’s name is BB & is a #cavalierspaniel ! Photography (& luck
cute little dog
Image by PinkAndRhino
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