Top 10 Cutest Small Dog in The World

By | February 9, 2018

Top 10 Cutest Small Dog in The World – Present By ”Awesome Video Squads ”

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Here are Top ten cute and small dogs breeds
#1 Pomeranian , #2 Chihuahua,#3 Boston Terrier,#4 Jack Russell Terrier,#5 Maltese,#6 Shih Tzu,#7 Bichon Frisรฉ,#8 Dachshund,#9 Pekingese,#10 Skye Terrier

As you can see, there are many small dogs to suit all tastes and lifestyles; itโ€™s all a matter of what you want. However, many small dog breeds are purebreds that have been interbred for hundreds of years, causing various congenital defects. So if you decide to choose a compact canine pal, find a reputable breeder

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Huge dog breaks free from it’s owner and SAVAGES a tiny Chihuahua to death outside it’s home – the owner and her dog just walk away.

20 thoughts on “Top 10 Cutest Small Dog in The World

  1. Oldschoolhiphop

    Facts that dog had absolutely no discipline or regard for her.

  2. frank rizzo

    Dude you have to grab your dog right away so he doesn't shake the other dog people are so stupid I own a 120lbs Rottweiler 5 years old beast! But my dog is fully trained never leaves my site right next to me when I talk he listen and I mean he listens no bs very sad to see videos like this

  3. sohil baria

    Pitbull owners should carry a gun always. When they attack other dogs or animals just shoot your pitbull.

  4. chetosr

    she is so scared of his own dog, thats why women should not have powerful breeds, they cant handle this kind of situation

  5. Saya X

    That dumb lady has no business owning a dog she has absolutely no control of. Not only was it not on a leash, but that dog is way too big and powerful for a 100lb woman.

  6. Olias of Sunhillow

    fucking dog owners can't even face up to the responsibility of having aggressive dogs!


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