Two cute angry puppies!

By | December 26, 2017

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Check out this hilarious Funny Angry Dogs compilation video and watch how silly little things makes these dogs angry and how cute they still look even if they’re mad. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Two cute angry puppies!

  1. Minika Digmen

    Dieser Schäferhund so bei ca 3min das fand ich nicht witzig am Ende hätte ich das Gefühl ihm wurde weh getan denn so jault nur ein Hund wenn er gequält wird.

  2. Carrie Freitag

    Yeah…I'm not sure I'd put up with this behavior. Then again I wouldn't raise my dog to be nasty to me

  3. Mike C.

    Nobody on their deathbed ever regrets pets they owned. Even the mean ones were worth it…

  4. Friend Zoned

    In reality ,dogs perceive hugs as being attacked and harmed. Do your research ,ppl. As funny and cute as it is,it can really trigger your dog to misbehave.

  5. ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    I bet those wet Chihuahuas weren't happy Hillary supporters.

  6. Michael O Callaghan

    The reality behind all this, is that the dogs are actually a bit mental … 😑

  7. Memington Prime

    Go through and read all the dumbass keyboard warriors. It's actually pretty entertaining. Quick tip; If you're one of these keyboard warriors, and are actually able to read someone else's view without saying "kill yourself", if you don't like it, *don't fucking watch it*.

  8. Psycho Clown

    There is always a definitive reason for their anger. Maybe it was because they never had any affection. Maybe they were abused therefore having trust issues. When these people provoke an attack somehow its gonna be the dogs fault when someone gets their skin ripped off.


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