Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

By | January 7, 2018

Elsa and Anna from Arendelle sing “Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?”
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Oh where, oh where
Has my little dog gone?
Oh where, oh where could he be?
With his ears cut short
And his tail cut long
Oh where, oh where is he?

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24 thoughts on “Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

  1. Yoon Seo

    I have a dog and she got lost but we found her. (the dog a girl)

  2. [ninja]

    My brother watched this video and we lost our dog. Instead of helping me catch him he just stood there and sang this. Our got ran over and died. I'm suing you

  3. Jairo Gutierrez Ortega

    that is a sad song…poeticaly the thoughts going through one's head..only…..happyer…still sad though. THINK POETICALLY! still sad though…big exclamation point!!! sadness with Light on it. cheap light. but brilliant and excessive and creative the love of man…but priceless… say to the infinite power ALOT SO MUCH THAT IT HURTS YOUR EYES THAT IT HURTS YOUR EYES AND EARS AND NOZE Big exclamation point πŸ˜‰

  4. celeriacmarcus

    This is my type of dog. Beautiful face and coat, nice fluffy tail.

  5. bones007able

    Nice to see a video of happy animals… and a video showing Detroit is not all slums and decay which it gets portrayed as constantly.

  6. Good for me I love dogs

    THAT was better than staying home and working outside. Let's do it again sometime soon.

  7. Mary Lawson

    First reaction was the dog knew something was going on with mom health wise.

  8. Google User

    LOVED IT!! And YES….the ever-continuing-to-improve, beautiful Belle Isle IS the perfect adventure! Love to this sweet little girl and her "Mom and Dad" !

  9. Edwin Torres

    This makes Detroit look lovely but on the news u dont see stuff like this about the D!

  10. Dixie g

    it's nice to see dogs having fun instead of being abused,keep up the great work!!!

  11. Angela Magic Salveson

    I know my 1 pit bull would love the water! My other 1 runs from the hose, but ya never know lol. I'm right outside Philly PA, so I'm gonna look up places like this that are dog friendly, I hope to find a good place not too far, but the Perkiomen is right here, depending on which part ya go to lol.


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